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The Morph Guide and Natural History of the Western Hognose took the hognose community by storm and is a must have for any hognose keeper. The four Hognose Trait books follow closely on its footsteps, providing a pictoral guide on morphology. For the deepest discount code, check out any of Shovelnose hogs videos on YouTube beginning 6-15-24, and watch the vid. They can be purchased at the following website for worldwide shipping.

About Kevin Rhodes

The author of more than 24 books, 6 titles feature the Western Hognose snake, (Heterodon nasicus). An avid outdoorsman, Kevin's love for the hognose snake began after a classmate purchased one at a pet store. Kevin bought his first hog in 1989 and would soon be mentored by the founder of the Hognose trade, Richard Evans, for many years. 
In addition to discovering more than 20 morphs, Kevin has brought over 50 new bloodlines into the hobby aiding in genetic diversity for the captive hognose keepers.

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